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DEFRA wood and multi-fuel stoves

Can I burn normal house coal on a wood burning stove?
No….Only approved fuels may be burned on multi-fuel stoves, lists which are available from DEFRA, the stove manufacturers or from the HETAS website.

What is a DEFRA multi-fuel stove?
A stove approved by the UK Government Department DEFRA for the burning of wood and smokeless coal in a smoke control area.

Can I fit a stove into any house?
Yes… Stoves are best suited to houses with chimneys designed for the burning of coal or logs. If no chimney is present, an independent flue system can be installed, but the costs may be prohibitive.

Do I have to line my chimney?
Yes…..Although it may be technically possible to install a stove into a modern house without a liner, as a general rule plan to have the chimney lined for greater efficiency and safety, and to permit the installation to conform with current Building Regulations

What size stove will I need?
This will depend on whether the stove is installed as a stand alone unit or connected to a central heating system with a back boiler. Consult a HETAS registered engineer for appropriate guidance.

Can I run my central heating with a combi boiler and a DEFRA woodburning stove?
Many manufacturers are currently investigating this market, and although technically feasible, upgrading and connecting a woodburning stove to a central heating system with a combination boiler is likely to be complicated and expensive. Consult a HETAS registered engineer for appropriate guidance.

Can I fit my stove in front of the existing fireplace?
Yes…As long as the installation complies with Document “J” Building Regulations. However the rules concerning the type and size of hearth required normally make this proposition impractical except in the largest of rooms.

Can I fit a stove into a conservatory or flat roof extension?
If no chimney is present, an independent flue system must be installed terminating at above the ridge height of the main roof of the building. The costs of the system along with the necessary alterations to the conservatory or flat roof may be prohibitive.

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Professionally installed woodburning and multi- fuel stoves are required by law to comply with Building Regulations and Health and Safety legislation.

Use an approved and registered HETAS Heating Engineer or other competent installer to carry out such work.

For further details about the different types and styles of woodburning stoves and fireplaces available, please visit

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Due to the terms of our Insurance Policies, we are unable to provide any technical information or assistance, except by full site visit and survey.